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Presentation guidelinEs

General guidelines for authors

The Coronavirus pandemic also impacted the way academic events were held. That is why, in 2021, the work presentations at the CR3+ Conference will take place online.

Below are the instructions for the authors.

Each author will have 8 minutes to present their work, and this presentation will be followed by a 10-minute discussion time together with the participants of the session. The total session will be 120 minutes (two hours), and the Track Chair/moderator will be able to adjust the presentations distribution in the best way possible.

On the days and times of the presentations, the presence of at least one author (author-presenter) of the work in the session will be required. In order to avoid delays, we request the presence of the author-presenter in the virtual room at least 5 minutes in advance. The authors with approved and registered papers, assume the commitment that at least one of them will attend the event and present the approved work. The presentation certificate of the work will be given to the authors-presenters. That is, those authors who signed up for the event were present at the virtual session and presented the work.

We recommend that the participants engage in all presentations and offer their contributions to the authors.. There is no possibility of prior choice by the authors of date and time for presenting the papers. The program will follow the planning carried out by the Scientific Coordination of the CR3+ Conference. Please remember that this is an international conference, so papers should preferably be presented in English.



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